The nation’s media are cultivating a springtime bloom of superlative hype about the coming age of enormous expansions in the new artificial intelligence era.

One story in the New York Times makes this prediction:

“A.I. can help workers deploy their skills, make unexpected connections and be better prepared for different facets of their day. … There’s so much evidence that heightened employee experience and engagement lead to organizational productivity and, ultimately profitability, innovation and growth.”

It can be argued that the upwardly favorable impact of A.I. will be the greatest innovation to come along since the electric light bulb that Thomas Edison developed after many attempts to bring illumination to a long-darkened world.

Jaime Teevan, the chief scientist for experiences and devices at Microsoft, said A.I can help workers deploy their skills, make unexpected connections and be better prepared for different facets of their day.

“One of the things we’re thinking about is how A.I. can increase the knowledge in an organization by helping a company understand all of its data,” Teevan said.

The article began by reporting that every day, people create roughly 2.5 quintillion (25 followed by 17 zeros) bytes of data.

Companies need to invest in technologies like A.I. that constantly analyze data to optimize employees’ time and help them share new ideas.

Behind the scenes, A.I. is busy learning how people work as individuals and on teams. A.I. can make relevant connections between people and content.

A.I.-powered platforms allow people and information to coalesce around the challenge at hand, an expert said.

Microsoft’s Human Resources department discovered key markers that can spark greater productivity and engagement during an employee’s first 90 days at work. These insights are shared with other groups so they could be used throughout the company.

It can take weeks — maybe months — for a company to find the right person, critical time that can stall or limit innovation.

But A.I. offers a clear solution to this all-too-common organizational quagmire. It can see across an organization’s network and suggest a team member — maybe even a remote one — who’s not only a strong fit but also available to take on more work.

Forbes magazine concluded an A.I. article with this paragraph:

“Artificial intelligence will change our world both inside and outside the workplace. Instead of focusing on the fear surrounding automation, businesses need to embrace these new technologies to ensure they implement the most effective A.I.  to enhance and compliment human intelligence.”

This new revolution is expected to accelerate swiftly this year and next. With the aid of these new systems many workers may find that employment is no longer drudgery but more fun than it used to be.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find your pursuit of happiness can be fulfilled right in your workplace?

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