Lancaster Vice Mayor Marvin Crist can add a building to the list of things in the city that are named after him. As if a roundabout wasn’t enough, on Tuesday, the city held a ribbon-cutting for the Marvin E. Crist Wellness Center at the Antelope Valley Transit Authority’s headquarters.

Mayor R. Rex Parris made no bones about the fact that he thought Crist deserved to have the center named after him because of his work in turning the AVTA into the “most profitable public transporation agency in the country. Actually, the only profitable public transportation agency.”

The money for the center came from a portion of the proceeds from the AVTA’s first round of Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits.

The center was built for employees, in recogntion of their contribution to the success of the AVTA’s fleet electrification commitment.

Employees will enjoy a variety of workout equipment to include weights, treadmills, recumbent cycles, and ab crunch benches, to name a few amenities.

Palmdale Station and Lancaster Station deputies will also be able to use the facility.

Parris said on Tuesday, during the ribbon cutting, “And so I look at this  magnificent facility and it really is magnificent, I’m thinking this was earned. This was absolutely earned and I think it’s appropriate to share the wealth with the people who made the wealth.”

The statement is interesting in that Parris felt the need to name the facility after Crist, instead of giving it a generic name that would reflect the combined work effort of all those involved with the AVTA. Perhaps it could have been named the AVTA Wellness Center, instead of focusing on one man. While there’s no doubt he played a huge role in the effort, he surely didn’t do it alone.

Instead, Crist got all the recognition. We’re not saying he shouldn’t be recognized for his part in making the AVTA profitable and contributing to the fleet eletricification efforts, but having a building named after you is a huge accomplishment and in light of the fact that he already has a roundabout named after him, it makes us wonder if other things will be named after him in the future.

Regardless of what the building is named, at least all employees can reap the benefits of having workout equipment.

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