In 2017, an online disinformation campaign spread against the “White Helmets,” claiming that the group of aid volunteers was serving as an arm of Western governments to sow unrest in Syria.

This false information was convincing, but the Russian organization behind the campaign ultimately gave itself away because it repeated the same text across many different fake news sites.

Now, researchers at the world’s top artificial intelligence labs are honing technology that can mimic how humans write, which could potentially help disinformation campaigns go undetected by generating huge amounts of subtly different messages.

In recent months, two prominent labs — OpenAI in San Francisco and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Seattle — have built particularly powerful examples of this technology. Both have warned that it could become increasingly dangerous.

Alec Radford, a researcher at OpenAI, argued that this technology could help governments, companies and other organizations spread disinformation far more efficiently; rather than hire human workers to write and distribute propaganda, these organizations could lean on machines to compose believable and varied content at tremendous scale.

A fake Facebook post seen by millions could, in effect, be tailored to political leanings with a simple tweak.

Tech giants like Facebook and governments around the world are struggling to deal with disinformation, from misleading posts about vaccines to incitement of sectarian violence. As artificial intelligence becomes more powerful, experts worry that disinformation generated by A.I. could make an already complex problem bigger and even more difficult to solve.

A simple one-word change can provide false propaganda.

Here’s how:

Before your deeply ingrained faith is shaken, know one thing: the (Democrats) (Republicans) who instigated, or at least help write, the immigration policies that sent children to illegal immigrant border facilities now know they can’t take the blame.

Like ghosts in the light, the (Democrats) (Republicans) present in scripted speeches why their disastrous policies can’t be held accountable.

They can’t take the blame because they don’t really care. They care about counting votes, not about a cut in immigration flows so we can adequately care for the mothers, fathers, siblings, infants and toddlers who are now multiplying in cell cages.

(Democrats) (Republicans) care most about something else: voting. Voters will buy those votes the only way that matters to them — votes that harm (Republicans) (Democrats), as many as possible.

And the (Democrats) (Republicans) have mastered that strategy.

Newspapers have editors who work morning, noon and night to present factual information. The Russian cyber invaders don’t use editors to keep the facts straight. The computer system hackers (aided by machines) can now slant their propaganda any which way.

Their aim is to present unedited disinformation to propagandize their readers. Keep that in mind when you’re reading outlandish falsehoods during the election campaign.

Truth is being savagely attacked by people around the world so cyber articles will often be wrong, dead wrong, aimed at gullible people.

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