America’s new presidential administration is resetting the nation’s courses to accelerate our famous historic, technological endeavors.

In a speech on Feb. 24, President Joseph Biden outlined his new sense of direction and signed an executive order to hasten the projects.

His order requires an immediate 100-day review of the United States supply chains for four key products, including pharmaceuticals, rare earth elements, semiconductors and advanced packaging and large capacity batteries.

He is calling for multiple federal agencies to develop a comprehensive supply chain assessment of goods and materials critical to national and economic security and for which shortages or global competition affect supply.

America’s deposits include the full range of rare earths and lithium for large capacity batteries and electric vehicle batteries and also US government-listed Critical Minerals zirconium, hafnium and gallium, which are required for next-generation semiconductor manufacturing.

Reports will provide the White House with policy options for the national defense stockpile and will build on recent government efforts led by a September 2020 executive order which addressed threats to the US supply chain for critical minerals and rare earth elements.

Subsequent government assessments within one year of Biden’s executive order will also examine the resiliency of essential materials to the defense and transportation industrial base, including gaps in domestic manufacturing capabilities and supply chains with a single point of failure, as well as opportunities to collaborate production with allied nations.

Currently, the US lacks a commercial sale capability to process rare earth permanent magnets used in the automotive, aerospace, defense and electronics industries, in vehicle motors.

Unlike previous administrations that believed this country was built by CEOs and hedge fund managers, Americans know that our entire economy would collapse without electricians to keep our lights on, auto workers on the line building our cars, drivers who deliver all things we need for our daily lives to our market, firefighters, ambulance drivers, service workers, educators and millions more.

Biden will restore and build upon the Obama-Biden administration’s Fair Pay and Safe workplaces executive order, which Trump revoked, requiring employers’ compliance with labor and employment laws to be taken into account in determining whether they are sufficiently responsible to be entrusted with federal contracts.

He has also promised to ensure that all workers are treated with dignity and receive the pay, benefits, and workplace protections they deserve

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