This weekend in the Antelope Valley, there are a couple of events taking place I would like to highlight.


On July 6, original members of the hardcore punk band Suicidal Tendencies will make a stop in our town. Named after the original guitarist of S.T., Louichi Mayorga, they will play at the American Legion, 44355 40th St E., Lancaster.

This event is organized by Sucka Punch Productions, who have been responsible for bringing in a decent number of touring bands through the Antelope Valley along with Numbskull Productions.

The line-up also features their co-headliners Animals and Children, Subjective Right (an OG Antelope Valley Punk Band), Since We Were Kids (Victorville, Calif.) and The Downsides. Pre-sale tickets start at $10 and day-of-show tickets are $13. This show is all ages and begins at 4 p.m.

Louichi was the original bassist from 1982-1987 and played on some of the band’s biggest songs including co-writing their biggest hit, “Institutionalized.”

The group’s line-up also features drummer RJ Herrera who joined in 1987.

He played on classic records like “Join The Army,” “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow” and “Lights…Camera…Revolution!”


Joe Esparza’s celebration of life

Recently, the music community of the Antelope Valley suffered another loss with Joe Esparza’s passing. On July 7, his friends, family and musical comrades will gather together for a celebration of life. At 1 p.m., the music begins, featuring performances by Jojo Basiloy, Last Call, The Fulcos, Fasthammer and Home in Haddonfield. There will also be an auction, raffles and a donation box. This event takes place at Big Shotz Bar and Grill on W. 227 Pillsbury St., Lancaster.

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