SHOOTING SCENE — Boards cover windows that were shot out Thursday during an incident in the Lancaster Medical Center parking lot. Employees of the OB-GYN office at the center were unharmed.

LANCASTER — Employees at an OB-GYN office in the Lancaster Medical Center at 1331 West Ave. J escaped injury after a man was shot in the parking lot in what was reportedly a domestic violence or gang dispute.

The unnamed victim was standing outside of the build­ing near the window when he was reportedly shot in the hip or buttocks area.

Luna Portugal was in her office about 11 a.m. at Dr. Leonard Kurian’s office when the shots rang out.  Portugal’s office faces the parking lot, but she said she did not see anything.

The office is on the first floor of a medical building.

“There was no argument, no nothing at all, just the first shot that I heard and then he screamed,” Por­tu­gal said.

A few seconds later more shots rang out.

Portugal was seated at her desk. She dropped to the floor. The first bullet hit the victim, which probably saved Portugal, she said.

“I was lucky to be alive. Because if the bullet didn’t hit him it’s going to come to me,” Portugal said.

The bullet that shattered her office window went over her head. Another bullet went through the wall and landed in the bathroom, where Portugal found it. The suspect reportedly used a .45 caliber bullet.

The victim reportedly came with a patient.

Kat, another employee who asked that her full name not be used, said the shooting occurred after male companions of established patients crossed paths with male com­pan­­ions of new pa­tients who were familiar with each other. They ex­changed words and then the shooting occurred.

The suspect fled and reportedly was later arrested in Palmdale at the Antelope Valley Mall near the Shell gasoline station.

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