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Wilson School District trustee Robert Harris (left) stands with Board Clerk Kathy Harris as Kathy receives her pin indicating her successful completion of the California School Board Association Masters in Governance program at the District’s monthly Board meeting on Nov. 19.

LAKE LOS ANGELES – Wilsona School District Board Clerk Kathy Harris received a pin at Thursday’s Board meeting in honor of her successful completion of the California School Board Association Masters in Governance program.

Harris joined the Board in December 2018. Harris is the fifth and final member of the Board to complete the program. Board President Vladimir Gomez, Vice President Anne Misicka, and trustees Victoria Green and Robert Harris have also complete the five-course program.

“Kathy Harris, a trustee of the Wilsona School District, has demonstrated exceptional commitment to professional development in the service of students through her recent completion of the CSBA Masters in Governance program,” Robert Harris said in a statement.

The MIG certificate accomplishment signifies mastery of the roles and responsibilities of school Boards and a strong understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to build and support an effective governance structure that helps produce better outcomes for students.

Wilsona Superintendent Susan Andreas-Bervel has also completed four of the five required courses in the CSBA MIG program and is well on her way to joining her governance team in becoming an MIG Alumni herself, Robert Harris added.

CSBA’s Masters in Governance program equips local school board members and administrators with the knowledge and skills to build and support an effective governance structure.

The five courses of Masters in Governance for Districts are Foundations of Effective Governance; Setting Direction, Policy & Judicial Review; Student Learning & Achievement, School Finance, Human Resources; Collective Bargaining and Community Relations and Advocacy; and Governance Integration.

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