In a world getting used to extreme weather, 2023 is starting out more bonkers than ever and meteorologists are saying it’s natural weather weirdness with a bit of help from human-caused climate change.

Much of what’s causing problems worldwide is coming out of a roiling Pacific Ocean, transported by a wavy jet stream, experts said.

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""human-caused climate change.""...The Grifters at the Associated Press said the ice caps would melt in the 1970s and flood the coastlines of the planet by the lol That was B.S. The A.P. and its staff are Scumbags with an agenda (IMHO). The AP is an extension of the Democrat Party and are Lying Trash....I never believe anything the Associated Press prints. Looks like 60 minutes is bottom feeding also (IMHO). Yesterday's heroes have become today's Grifters, and Traitors. NBC, CNN (whose Pedo Producer John Griffin is going to prison), MSNBC...CNBC seems the "NBC" stands for "Nothing But China"...... POS one and all (IMHO).

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