Westside School District

QUARTZ HILL — Westside Union School District’s Board of Education unanimously and without discussion approved a nearly 71% increase in substitute pay on Tuesday night as the District seeks to remain competitive with neighboring school districts for substitute teachers.

Antelope Valley Union High School District, Keppel Union School District and Palmdale School District have increased substitute teacher daily rates in recent weeks. Westside’s new rates will start Oct. 1.

The new daily rate for all substitute teachers is $205, up from the previous $120 a day, for 5.95 hours of work.

The new longterm rate for substitute teachers is $220 a day after at least 11 consecutive days or more in the same classroom, retroactive to day one. That’s up from $130 a day after 11 consecutive days in the same classroom, and $140 a day after 30 days in the same classroom.

Retired Westside teachers who return as substitute teachers will be able to earn $240 a day, compared to $150 a day previously. The new long-term rate for retired Westside teachers is $255 a day.

Westside also offers a loyalty pay bonus where, at the conclusion of the school year, the District will pay substitutes who worked at least 51 days throughout the school year.

For example, a substitute who worked at least 151 days will be paid an additional $30 per day for each day worked; a substitute who worked at least 101 days will be paid an additional $20 per day for each day worked; and a substitute who worked at least 51 days will be paid an additional $10 per day for each day worked.

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Jimzan 2.0

Give the teachers a fair pay rate....but if test scores drop..do a change up. Cali's ranking in test scores, is pathetic..you don't reward failure..no matter how big the teachers union is.

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