LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles judge on Thursday sentenced Harvey Weinstein to 16 more years in prison after a jury convicted him of the rape and sexual assault of an Italian actor and model, furthering the fall of the onetime movie magnate who became a #MeToo magnet.

The prison term, along with the 23 years he received in 2020 for a similar conviction in New York, amounts to a likely life sentence for the 70-year-old.

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Jimzan 3

What was the Name of the Girl, Joe Biden Raped when he was a Senator.....Tara Reade ? Let's use that court money to bring more predators to justice, Biden, Clinton, Gates, and 75% of the DNC. ;)

Jimzan 3

I don't like Harvey Weinstein (google: Oafra feeding Weinstein young girl)...but are these trials really necessary...He is in Prison for life. Kinda like Harry Reid...is taking his eternal Dirt Nap...for ""eternity""...No need for me to dig him up every once in a while and spit in is Face (Rotted)..However tempting that may be....No .....I let Harry POS Reid rest in Peace...in the Hot Place. Wasting our dollars...our Govt. have become Supreme Leaders when it comes to that.

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