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Emidio Garcia, Student Services supervisor for the Palmdale School District, checks online enrollment portal. The District will conduct two webinars Friday to help parents enroll their children for transitional kindergarten or kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year.

PALMDALE — Palmdale School District will hold two Zoom webinars on Friday to assist parents with enrolling their children for transitional kindergarten or kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year beginning in August.

The webinar workshops are scheduled for 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. The workshops will be offered in Spanish and English.

Parents will have the opportunity to see step-by-step how to use the online portal and ask questions about the documents required to enroll their students. The window to enroll transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students will not open until Jan. 29. However, the workshop will give parents time to gather the documents needed and become familiar with the online registration process, the District said.

Documents required to enroll a student include the online registration summary page or application number, identification of the parent or guardian, the student’s original birth certificate, immunization record and proof of residence.

Beginning Jan. 29, parents can go to the Palmdale School District website and click on “Enroll Your Child” icon to enroll online. After completing the application, a summary page can be printed or parents may write down the Application Number as verification of enrollment.

Parents may email the required documents and their application number or online registration summary page to

If parents are unable to enroll online or unable to email the required documents, they may come to the Welcome and Enrollment Center, 39139 10th St. East, Building A.

If parents know the name of their zoned school, they may come in on the day designated between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

• Feb 8-9 Cimarron and Golden Poppy.

• Feb 10-11 Summerwind and Yucca.

• Feb. 16-17 Desert Rose and Joshua Hills.

• Feb. 18-19 Chaparral and Quail Valley.

• Feb 22-23 Manzanita and Tamarisk.

• Feb 24-25 Tumbleweed and Palm Tree.

• March 1-2 Mesquite and Ocotillo.

• March 3-4 Barrel Springs and Buena Vista.

Those who have a student of school age, transitional kindergarten through eighth grade who is not currently attending school may still enroll the student in the District to start or continue their education for this school year. Students are required to attend school during distance learning, the District said.

There will also be a video explaining the online process available on the Palmdale School District website under the “Enroll Your Child” link available to assist parents with enrollment.

Offering a “touchless” enrollment helps reduce the number of contacts for parents and students.

Dr. Cassandra Ziskind, Director of Student Services said, “We’re excited to announce we are continuing to offer parents the capability of completing the entire enrollment process online.”

For details, call the Welcome Center at  661-789-6707.

The links to register for the Friday webinars are: 9 a.m., and 2 p.m.

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