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PALMDALE — The Antelope Valley Watermaster Board is set to consider, and possibly approve, a replacement well for a facility in Lancaster that temporarily houses those who have completed drug and alcohol treatment.

The Board will review, during Wednesday’s meeting, applications from Tarzana Treatment Centers to replace its current well with one that will support the facility as it seeks to expand.

The existing well provides adequate water for the current and proposed use, but does not meet Los Angeles County Health Department well standards.

The facility is part of the Small Pumper Class able to pump up to three-acre feet per year. Currently, the facility houses six residents and uses less than one acre-foot per year.

TTC would like to expand the temporary housing center into a 60-bed non-medical alcohol and drug treatment and recovery facility.

The proposed expansion project is expected to need 14.35 acre-feet of water per year for the new facility, existing bridge housing, food service and a proposed swimming pool.

The new well would be placed 100 feet north of the existing well and extend to a depth of 400 feet. The current well will be properly abandoned and an approved meter will be placed upon completion of the new well.

The Board is also set to review an application for a Llano resident to qualify for the Small Pumper Class, as well as three other applications for new production and new point of extraction in the West Antelope and Central Antelope subareas.

The agenda for Wednesday’s Board meeting can be viewed online at https://avwatermaster.net/meetings/watermaster-meetings/

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. via Zoom and residents can join online at https://zoom.us/j/687127281 or call 669-900-6833. Passcode is 687 127 281

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