VICTORVILLE — A San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy is under criminal investigation after he was recorded on video kicking a pursuit suspect in the head while the man appeared to be surrendering.

The deputy, who was not named, has been placed on paid administrative leave, the Sun newspaper reported Saturday.

“This incident raises concerns. I expect my deputies to remain professional while engaging the public,” Sheriff John McMahon said in a statement.

The suspect was riding a motorcycle early Wednesday when he failed to pull over for a traffic stop and led the deputy on a high-speed chase on Interstate 15 and surface streets near Victorville, the newspaper said. He eventually ditched the motorcycle and hid at a car dealership.

Video obtained by the website TMZ shows a man emerging from underneath a car, putting his hands up and then getting on his knees. The man begins to lay flat on the ground when the deputy takes two quick steps and kicks the man in the head. The man rolls over slightly and the deputy kicks the man in the head a second time.

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The crime of evading officers during a high speed chase should be a minimum of 1 year in jail....But after watching the video and the deputy administering what I call "Street Justice" all charges should be dropped against the evading criminal. The scales of Justice as follows...1 year in prison, "or" a couple of kicks to the head and all charges dropped. The officer should be suspended for 4 weeks without pay and a strike against him (3 strikes (minor incidents) and you are fired) I'd take two to the head. What would you decide....?

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