Quartz Hill High Esports

Quartz Hill High School Esports Rocket League varsity team members Reuben Estrada, Trent Elder and Jacon Mosman compete Wednesday in the spring CIF Championship against Cathedral High in the school’s gaming room.

QUARTZ HILL – Quartz Hill High School’s Esports gaming lab would be the envy of any gamer.

The room has 24 stations equipped with Lenovo Legion desktop computers with 24- to 34-inch (curved) monitors. Players sit in blue and black Respawn racing-style gaming chairs. They wear headphones with microphones so they can communicate with each other during games.

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Jimzan 3

My son is a "Gamer" after observing him and his cousins (gamers) for many years...you will find they stay up late, because at 2am most of America is asleep. Which allows gamers more bandwidth (think driving on the freeway at 2-4am in the morning, and you need to get to your destination really fast (it's called Latency)). Gaming is an addiction, with its pro's and con's... Con's my son had very few girlfriends growing up. I have watched him and his team "pack-up" on their opponents...group skills shall we say. They may live on their own...or Game in your basement...Forever (coin toss). My son met his wife on World of WarCraft...Young women realize if the want to meet young men...you better be a gamer. Its an endorphins thing. Pro's a school bus pulled out in front of my son, because of his ability to react to the situation, from playing Grand Theft Auto he was able to avoid having the top of his car sheared off (school buses are tall, it is easier to go under one).....So it was just an accident (the schools auto insurance paid us) and "not" the day my son died. Also chances are your child will respect another player by his "kill record" or "whatever" well when that person says (over his expensive headset with a microphone at 2am) "I gotta go to bed, I have to work tomorrow"...its plants a bug...and then when they meet people that are highly skilled, and those highly skilled people share advice...your child will grow..and maybe reach for even higher expectations...Many are basement bound...My son is a Berkeley Educated Network Engineer....I got lucky..I thought my son would be mowing my lawn for the rest of his life...Good Luck ;)

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