Lancaster resident Susie Hall walks her dogs Casey (left) and Maggie on Tuesday morning at Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park. Hall walks her dogs twice a day. The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory Tuesday for the Antelope Valley warning residents of the possibility of snow and/or rain.

PALMDALE — A cold and strong winter storm that originated in Alaska is expected to bring a chance of snow to the Antelope Valley today.

Snow accumulations are expected to be between three to six inches in the foothills and less than three inches for the Valley floor, according to the National Weather Service.

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Jimzan 3

Wow I wonder if the homeless people living in Coleman® Tents realize it is the policies of Democrats that is the cause for their main residence to be a Tent....? Ouch !! and a Brutal Winter Storm Spreading across of most of America...kinda lets that lesson sink in. Do you think they will connect the dots...that they have Gavin Newsom, and Joe Biden (the Pedophile) to Thank for their Misery. That Biden and Newsom are enablers when it comes to their Dope Habit. Biden does not care about you (think train chemical spill...which Biden could care less about Americans..until the polls started showing he is a POS) Human Waste in its purest form (Biden, Newsom, Hillary, Obama, etc etc etc IMHO) has one objective...Power. Now Mask up...and Kneel

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