Cenk Uygur

Cenk Uygur

EDITOR’S NOTE: These are part of a series this week on candidates for the 25th Congressional District seat.

PALMDALE — Progressive journalist Cenk Uygur joined the now-crowded race for the vacant 25th Congressional District seat last November.

Uygur is one of 13 candidates for the seat, which has been vacant since former Rep. Katie Hill resigned last November.

Cenk, the founder and former co-host of “The Young Turks” online talk show, had past controversial comments about women and minorities come back into focus, some of which he apologized for.

“It’s lacking all context. What I’m known for is being a progressive fighter for all those communities,” Uygur said in an interview.

Uygur, who lives outside of the District with his wife and two kids, ages seven and nine, said the family would move to the area after the school year ends.

“We’re looking at some houses,” Uygur said.

Uygur, a Turkish-American, moved to the United States when he was eight.

Uygur’s home district, Congressional District 37, which includes Uygur’s West Los Angeles home, is represented by Democrat Karen Bass.

Uygur said he didn’t challenge Bass because that would be replacing one progressive candidate with another.

“The thing with me that will be different than almost any other politician is I don’t mind any questions,” he said.

Uygur added he will have open office hours for constituents to come and talk to him.

“Since I don’t take the corporate donor money, no lobbyist money, you don’t need a check,” Uygur said. “I’ll have open office hours in the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita. You can take come by and tell me what you need.”

Uygur added he is taking notes while campaigning in the district.

Uygur cited homelessness as one of the top three issues specific to the Antelope Valley that he would want to address.

“In L.A. County 58% of the homeless can’t afford housing,” Uygur said. “Only 42% have either mental health or addiction issues, so the majority are because they just can’t afford the houses.”

Uygur added the people he talked to all want a job and a house.

“That means we need affordable housing,” Uygur said. “I talked to a teacher who’s not homeless but she had to move in with her home because she couldn’t afford a $1,200 apartment in Lancaster.”

Uygur said wages have to increase overall as well as creating jobs here that will help keep people off the Antelope Valley Freeway.

“Higher-paying jobs, but also doing things like getting rid of student debt. My god, that would just free a generation of people and allow them to afford the housing,” Uygur said, adding the third thing is affordable housing.

Uygur wants to take corporate PAC money out of politics. He founded the Wolf-PAC to do just that.

“Their job is defeating all other PACs by getting the money out,” Uygur said. “They’re fighting for a constitutional amendment.”

Uygur added if he gets to Congress he will show all the bribes Republican and Democratic politicians are taking.

“They’re going to hate me,” Uygur said. “But the voters are going to love me because I’m going to show them, ‘Guys, they’re not representing you. These are the people they work for.’ ”

Uygur said every dollar he raises goes toward reaching the voters.

“I am going door to door,” Uygur said. “I’ve knocked on hundreds of doors. I’ve gone to dozens of events. It’s my job to represent you and only you, so that’s why I’m here nonstop finding out what you want and how I can serve you.”

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Thank you for the nice article. I think this candidate is someone this valley needs. Sounds like a fighter!


It is refreshing to have the option to choose a candidate who believes it is the role of a Representative to fight for the voters in an arena that corporations have the loudest voices ($$$).


Cenk's online talk show was a bunch of trash. Nothing would get done with this guy in office.


Nothing has gotten done for the citizens. Too much has gotten done for corporations. It's time for a Representative who will fight for the people. His record of using his voice to call out corruption does not amount to trash. He is telling truth to power for anyone who is open to the hard truth.

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