SACRAMENTO — Gov. Gavin Newsom, on Friday, said he had pardoned two members of California Indian tribes coinciding with Native American Heritage Month.

The month “honors the vibrancy and resiliency of Native American culture,” his office said, and the pardons recognize the recipients’ “efforts and successes in rehabilitation post-conviction, as well as their extraordinary service to their communities.”

Newsom said tribal leaders supported the pardons of Robert Morgan from the Koi Nation of Northern California and Frank Spa-ghe Dowd of the Resighini Rancheria.

Both men were convicted of assault with a deadly weapon.

Morgan was convicted in Sonoma County in 2006 of striking two victims during a fight at a party, according to the governor’s office. He was sentenced to 91 days in jail and three years of probation.

Dowd was convicted in Del Norte County, in 2002, of striking someone with a bat, also during a fight at a party. He was sentenced to 270 days in jail and five months of probation.

Since taking office, in 2019, Newsom has granted 88 pardons, 91 commutations and 29 reprieves.

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Jimzan 2.0

Newsom...A Woke Governor, doing Woke actions as a P.R. stunt. Dems are clueless idiots when it come to....."life" in general. The Indians have Casinos, that issue alone, has helped make up for some of the atrocities we have imposed on them. If you want to do reparations...Let's give them back their land (I am not gonna lie, I have a large percentage of Indian DNA...Elizabeth Warren.... Eat your Heart Out). My step father was pure Indian (Frank C). He did not have to have a fishing license, or a hunting license...had a great job at Rockwell (Engineer)...did it make up for massive Property theft...? You be the judge...America is the greatest country in the world...The left wing parasites want to change that....Where do you want to stand on that issue...? With Money, and Power,MSM control, and Godless like a "Democrat". "OR" with Honor, Integrity, and Love of America,... like a Republican....the "choice" is yours.

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