CALIFORNIA CITY — Two California City boys were reported missing late Monday night, according to the California City Police Department.

“We have been working tirelessly, using every possible resource we can to try to locate the children,” the department said in a statement. “We ask for your patience and your prayers that we will safely bring this to a conclusion.”

Orson West, three, and Orrin West, four, were last seen in the 10700 block of Aspen Avenue in California City.

The West boys are approximately three feet tall, 30 to 40 pounds. They were last seen wearing black sweatshirts and gray sweatpants.

The FBI has become involved in the investigation and Kern County Sheriff’s Office is assisting in search efforts.

According to CCPD, the FBI began interviewing Trezell and Jacquelin West, the boys’ adoptive parents, on Tuesday and searched their home later that evening.

The parents said Wednesday they last saw Orson and Orrin playing in the backyard of their California City home while Trezell West was gathering wood to start a fire.

“I open up the back gate, I’m throwing wood, bringing it inside the house,” Trezell West said in an interview with 23ABC. “My wife’s inside, she was actually wrapping gifts so we thought it was a good idea that our youngest two go outside and play with chalk on the back patio.”

After a short time, he noticed they were no longer on the patio.

“I realized that I left the back gate open and I panicked and came inside the house, searched the house, me and my wife,” Trezell West said. “Once that didn’t pan out, I got in the van, I looked down the street in both directions, it was getting dark, getting cold.”

Authorities have been searching the surrounding area for the boys since they went missing around 5:45 p.m. Monday. Volunteers have amassed to help, including the boy’s biological mother, Ryan Dean of Bakersfield.

The department has said no one has been ruled out in the boys’ disappearance and items were removed from their home. The car of the adoptive parents has also towed away.

In a community advisory on Nixle, the department said the boys are believed to have left on foot.

Anyone with information that can assist in locating Orson and Orrin is asked to contact the California City Police Department by calling dispatch at 760-373-8606.

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DJ Blue Dream

Those little boys couldn't have gotten very far, c'mon, 3 and 4 years old?? Where are those babies?? It's either being kept very quiet 🤫 or nobody cares ⁉️❓⁉️❓

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