Tropico Middle School

Seven new buildings, each with four classrooms, will be coming to Tropico Middle School in Rosamond, thanks to state funds allocated to Southern Kern Unified School District about 10 years ago

ROSAMOND — Tropico Middle School will get seven new buildings with four classrooms each as part of a redesign to be paid for with state funds allocated to Southern Kern Unified School District about 10 years ago.

The estimated $21.3 million project includes a walking track and soccer field with the potential for a softball field in the future. The 28 classrooms will include flex classroom that can be used for science classes and restrooms.

Southern Kern has approximately $21.5 million remaining of an original $23.7 million allocation from the state for the 41-year-old school’s redesign. The state previously allocated $2.2 million to the district for the initial design process. That leaves $21.5 million of the original allocation.

However, in order to access the project funding the District must get approvals from the California Department of Education and the Division of the State Architect. The timeline is not as rigid as originally anticipated. Previously, the district needed to submit the project to the Department of Education by Nov. 1 in order to get approval by the end of the year. The project can be approved in January.

“We don’t want to stop what we have in place but they basically said continue on and don’t worry about that December deadline,” Superintendent Barbara Gaines said at a special Sept. 23 meeting.

The district’s architect said they are still on track to submit the plans by next month.

The Board unanimously approved the design package for Tropico Middle School at the special Sept. 23 meeting.

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