LANCASTER — Three Lancaster men have been charged in connection with a series of robberies and an attempted carjacking in which a woman was shot, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office reported Wednesday.

Jeremy Hernandez, 19, faces the most serious charges, including attempted carjacking with the use of a firearm, attempted murder, assault with a firearm, and attempted first-degree ATM robbery while using a handgun and causing great bodily injury.

Those charges stem from a March 21 incident in which he allegedly shot a 45-year-old woman in her Stevenson Ranch driveway in an attempt to steal her vehicle, officials said.

The other men, Leonardo Martinez, 18, and Matthew Crews, 18, together with Hernandez face three counts of second-degree robbery.

Additionally, Martinez and Hernandez face 11 counts of second-degree robbery, five counts of attempted second-degree robbery and one count of attempted carjacking with a firearm, officials said.

The robberies took place between March 16 and 21 in the Antelope Valley.

Bail is set at $3.52 million for Hernandez, $465,000 for Martinez and $90,000 for Crews.

Hernandez faces a maximum possible sentence of 127 years to life. Martinez faces more than 29 years in prison and Crews could receive a seven-year sentence, officials said.

Arraignment for the three men, originally scheduled for Wednesday at the Antelope Valley Courthouse, has been postponed to April 15.

The case is still under investigation by the Los Angels County Sheriff’s Department.

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