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MOJAVE — Mojave Junior-Senior High School was placed on a modified lockdown Wednesday morning while officials investigated rumors of a threat of violence, which resulted in the arrest of a student off campus.

School officials and the Kern County Sheriff’s Office investigated a “non-specific threat of school violence” with a possibility of a threat on social media, although one was never found, Superintendent Aaron Haughton said.

“If anything, we had this in the category of a low-level concern,” he said.

After speaking with students, one student was arrested and detained by Sheriff’s deputies off campus, he said. No information about the student was available Wednesday afternoon.

The modified lockdown was lifted by early afternoon, as officials were able to quickly conclude their investigation. Haughton credited the aid of Kern County Sheriff’s officials with helping to expedite the process.

The modified lockdown is a precautionary measure, in which movement is limited and students are escorted on campus. It is a means of controlling student movement and allowing officials to locate those they would like to speak to, Haughton said.

Some students had stayed home from school Wednesday in light of the rumors, Haughton said.

Concern about school violence and a heightened awareness regarding rumors and threats have become a regular consideration for the district, like many in an era of school shootings and other violence.

“We’ve been in a heightened state for many months, even years now,” Haughton said. “It’s not uncommon to have some kind of social media activity that requires us to look into it.”

There have been a few such incidents regarding California City schools in the district in recent months, all which have been investigated without any threatened violence occurring.

“We want people to know that this is a criminal act and you will be arrested,” Haughton said.

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