The Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission is seeking public input on the use of tasers.

Recent media accounts across the nation have highlighted situations where law enforcement’s use of tasers may have injured or even killed people.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission is reviewing the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s policy on the use of tasers and is asking for public input on Sheriff’s Department’s use of tasers.

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Jimzan 3

Why use a Taser when you can blast a 40 cal hole in the criminals chest ? One might ask.......lets hope the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission's children dont get too high and get out of line. I personally feel that Tasers (although they may not be perfect) are a Great Attempt to control someone that is Mentally ill or on a Death Wish (aka suicide by cop). But why tie up the Courts..."Bust a Cap, and Call it Done" may be the new mantra on the Force. I bet Bullet Manufacturers are probably "against" Tasers.

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