PALMDALE — Students at Desert Willow Magnet Academy showed their appreciation for having clean water ready when they turn the taps by making cards for all personnel in the Palmdale Water District.

The cards were distributed, this week, to District staff as part of Water Professionals Appreciation Week, PWD spokeswoman Judy Shay said.

Decorated with glitter, beads, stars, markers and crayons, the handmade cards featured sentiments such as “Thanks a million,” “Thank you for going above and beyond” and “We appreciate all you have done.”

“The reaction has been wonderful,” Shay said of the employees receiving the cards, many which are displayed prominently on desks and in work areas. “They treasure it.”

Having worked through the pandemic under sometimes trying conditions, the cards provided a morale boost.

“Sometimes, just a little gesture from some sixth-graders down the street means a lot to us,” Shay said.

Science teacher Sonya Farmer engaged students in three sixth-grade classes in the project.

“The kids were really excited to make the cards,” she said. “They really enjoyed it.”

They produced 89 cards, covering all District staff and the five members of the Board of Directors.

Prior to the COVID pandemic and its restrictions, PWD personnel visited Farmer’s classes to talk about how they supply water and water conservation.

Before making the cards last week, she told this year’s class about those guest speakers and their jobs.

Farmer responded when the District reached out to ask if students would like to become acquainted with the role of water professionals this year.

She said she hopes to be able to resume the in-person lessons with PWD next semester.

Shay agreed that the District has begun a partnership with the school that they hope to continue.

Water Professionals Appreciation Week, from Oct. 4 to 10, was established by the state legislature five years ago to highlight the important role the water industry and its professionals play in ensuring a safe, reliable water supply in California.

The District typically has a luncheon and different events to mark the week, but continuing COVID precautions prevented any large gatherings, Shay said.

Instead, staff were treated to catered box lunches, which all came with a card from the Desert Willow students.

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Jimzan 2.0

Think they will have the students kneeling to the water agency in the near future..?? Sounds like it.

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