R. Lee Ermey Boulevard

NEW NAME — A street sign hangs over R. Lee Ermey Boulevard, also known as Avenue N. The Lancaster City Council on Tuesday will discuss naming the portion of the street that falls within city limits.

LANCASTER — The Lancaster City Council will consider doing its part in renaming the part of Av­enue N to R. Lee Ermey Av­enue that falls within the city’s boundaries at Tues­day’s meeting.

Ermey, who died last April at age 74, was per­haps best known for his role as Gunnery Sgt. Hart­man in director Stanley Ku­brick’s 1987 film “Full Metal Jacket.”

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Riker Muley Bono

I would love to see (or hear) a musical road installation. The funding for a musical road, which is more of a luxury, not an actual transportation improvement, should be funded of donated monies, as for the name change on the 14 fwy. should not be funded from donated monies. The State should be obligated and required to update freeway signs. We pay our Garcetti tax(es) on Measure "M", and Measure "R", as well as (former) Governor Browns "SB-!" in which all three of these bills are to fund transportation improvements. ** We also need to push for the 138 fwy. to be built now, not in the year 2050.

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