Disney bust

UNUSUAL FIND — A traffic stop for failing to stop for a bus with flashing red lights led to the discovery of more than $10,000 in stolen Disney merchandise.

ROSAMOND — A traf­fic stop in Rosamond on Fri­day yielded a sur­prise haul: more than $10,000 in stolen Disney mer­chan­dise.

California Highway Pat­rol officers from the Mojave of­fice stopped a Nissan Sen­tra on Rosamond Bou­levard Friday afternoon for driving past a school bus with red lights flashing and stop sign extended, according to a post on the office’s Facebook page.

Once stopped, the of­fic­er discovered the dri­ver had a suspended li­cense and further in­ves­tig­ation yielded more than $10,000 of stolen Dis­ney mer­chan­dise “along with other il­le­gal par­a­pher­nalia,” ac­cord­ing to the post.

The stolen merchandise appeared to be primarily Disney pins, which when laid out filled the top of a table at the Mojave office.

The driver was booked into Kern County Jail, and CHP officials contacted Dis­ney­land security to make arrangements to re­turn the items.

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