Unionized hospitality workers wait in line to apply for unemployment benefits in Los Angeles. California is one of five states that has not yet paid back a federal loan for unemployment benefits during the pandemic.

SACRAMENTO — One potential consequence of California’s ballooning budget deficit: Higher taxes for businesses, with increases possible every year for the next decade.

Business owners pay a tax on each of their workers. The money goes into a fund that states use to pay unemployment benefits when people lose their jobs. During the Coronavirus pandemic, so many people lost jobs that many of these funds ran out of money.

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Jimzan 3

Higher taxes for businesses....who in return leave Elon Musk did...He opened a Tesla GigaFactory in Texas because of California's parasites taxes. $19 billion dollar deficit...Yet Newsom the Idiot wants to buy votes by giving people a state that never had slaves. That's how Democrats roll...They create a problem..then want praise for trying to clean up the mess "that they made". Which means you lose a Congressman...New York (parasite central) also lost a the Parasites (N.Y.s politicians) will have to increase taxes on those that cannot afford to move....which will drive even more people out of the state....See how that works...? Today's younger generation will be shocked when they realize how much debt "they" owe. So it is "poetic justice" that the toddlers support the politicians.... that are ruining their futures....Enjoy Toddlers....Enjoy.

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