California Oil Profits


SACRAMENTO — After gas prices in California spiked to more than $6.40 per gallon last summer, Gov. Gavin Newsom led a charge against an industry he says is “ripping you off.”

Months later, it’s not clear if California’s Legislature is following him.

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Jimzan 3

Newsome is seen as a possible Presidential Candidate..not after his record of trying to be a Dictator comes out..Think Repirations (buying votes) right out the gate. Newsom is a Spastic Idiot...that almost always makes a bad call (think CoVid and destroying business) ""Consumer Watchdog"" seems the Democrats love putting B.S. labels on fact didn't Bill Clinton call Epsteinds island..... ""The Haven and Wellness Center for Young Women""? Get real you are being played by an Idiot and a Grifter......You Shouldn't talk Smack to the Airplane Pilots... unless you have a Parachute...and Newson ism Clueless. Didn't California have a Surplus, that was to be returned to the Taxpayers..? Now we are sinking fast..? Political B.S. by Grifters..and you Sheeple will pay the Price for the Grifters Tactics...and for your Cowardice.... Enjoy [wink]

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