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ROSAMOND — Southern Kern Unified School District’s governing Board approved a resolution to lay off 12 teachers at Wednesday’s meeting.

The Board had previously approved preliminary layoffs for 29 teachers at a special Feb. 13 meeting. Teachers have a right to hearings before an administrative law judge once they receive preliminary layoff notices.

“We have brought some people back,” Interim Su­­pe­r­in­ten­dent Leanne Hargus said Thursday. “We have had some people resign. So it’s kind of working its way out but we still do have a few.”

Hargus could not immediately say how many teachers will get the final layoff notice.

“We even had people who were not (laid off) that resigned and are moving on to different districts,” Hargus said. “There’s a lot of movement right now so to give you a number I’m not sure.”

The District is $5.2 mil­lion in debt and needs to eliminate about $3.6 mil­lion in spending this year. With personnel more than 90% of the District’s budget, the District is working with the Kern County Su­per­in­­tendent of Schools to move toward fiscal solvency. The county advised Southern Kern to reduce its payroll to 80% to 85% of its budget.

The Board also recently announced it had named Barbara Gaines, an Antelope Valley College trustee and director of Curriculum and Instruction for Palmdale School District, as the District’s new superintendent.

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