Sex offender house

This is the Sun Village home into which convicted violent sex offender Calvin Grassmier would be placed, upsetting local residents and county Supervisor Kathryn Barger.

SUN VILLAGE — A convicted violent sexual predator who was blocked last month from moving to a residential, family-oriented neighborhood in La Crescenta could move to Sun Village.

The proposed placement address for Calvin Grassmier, 66, is 10320 East Ave. Q-10, which is less than a quarter mile from Littlerock High School, about one mile away from Daisy Gibson Elementary School and less than a mile from the Shaw building.

The proposed placement of Grassmier in the Antelope Valley prompted Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger late Thursday to encourage residents to express their concerns to the Los Angeles County Superior Court and District Attorney’s office.

“I reiterate my grave concerns and considerable alarm with the latest proposed placement of sexually violent predator Calvin Grassmier into a home in Sun Village, which may impact the safety and well-being of the local residents,” Barger said in a statement. “I believe that the residents deserve transparency and accountability from all those involved in this process, and I will work with the local elected officials, public safety leaders and the community to continue to vehemently oppose this proposed placement. I encourage others to join me in expressing their concerns to the Superior Court and the District Attorney’s office, and advocate for the safety of the children, youth and adults who reside in this community.”

The public can submit written comments to the District Attorney’s office before Aug. 10 via mail to: Sexually Violent Predator Unit, 9425 Penfield Ave., No. 3210, Chatsworth, CA 91311, or by email at

Barger previously opposed Grassmier’s placement in the La Crescenta community.

“The Antelope Valley is not a dumping ground for violent criminals,” said state Sen. Scott Wilk, whose district includes the area into which Grassmier would be placed. “The same offender was denied a move to La Crescenta because it is a ‘family-oriented’ community. So moving him to less than a quarter mile from Littlerock High School is better? No. This is very troubling and puts our community at risk.”

Superior Court Judge James Bianco rejected the bid to have Grassmier placed in La Crescenta due in part to the significant number of people living in close proximity to the proposed location and inconsistent cell phone reception, which is needed for GPS monitoring.

Grassmier will be required to wear a GPS ankle monitor. He will be under surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week when initially released. Surveillance reduces over time depending upon behavior, according to the California Department of State Hospitals.

He will be treated and supervised by Liberty Healthcare Group, a private firm the state pays to place and supervise people who were released after being designated “sexually violent predators.”

The program includes individual contact, substance abuse testing, polygraph and GPS monitoring, in addition to supervising released individuals, according to the California Department of State Hospitals.

Grassmier was committed to the Department of State Hospitals as a sexually violent predator in August 1999 and held in a secure hospital for treatment, according to the LA County District attorney’s office.

In November, the court ordered his conditional release to begin outpatient treatment and supervision. Outpatient status is the final phase of the relapse prevention treatment program, which the Department of State Hospitals administers through the Conditional Release Program, according to the district attorney’s office.

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""The Antelope Valley is not a dumping ground for violent criminals,"" Think again the AV is LA's toilet.

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