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Mail-in ballots run through a sorting machine at the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters office in Sacramento.  A group of election security experts will ask California officials to take additional steps to protect the upcoming governor’s recall election.

SACRAMENTO — Democrats advanced a major overhaul to California’s elections on Thursday, voting to make sure all active registered voters will get a ballot in the mail at least 29 days before every election — even if they didn’t ask for one.

A majority of California voters have been casting ballots by mail for years, but most of them had to ask their county elections office to send them one. That changed in 2020, when officials worried crowded polling places on Election Day would be superspreader events for the Coronavirus.

California was one of four states — joining Nevada, New Jersey and Vermont — that temporarily changed rules for the 2020 presidential election to require all voters receive a ballot in the mail ahead of Election Day. California lawmakers kept that rule in place for 2021 elections, including the recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sept. 14.

Thursday, the state Senate voted to make that rule permanent. The state Assembly voted to do that months ago. But because the Senate made some changes to the proposal, the Assembly must vote on it one more time before sending it to Newsom, who will decide whether to sign it into law.

Mailing ballots to all active registered voters in 2020 was controversial, especially with former President Donald Trump and his allies making false claims that widespread fraud would prevent him from winning. In general, more Democrats voted by mail in California while more Republicans voted in person on Election Day.

Republicans opposed the bill in the state Senate on Thursday, pointing to an incident  last month where police in Los Angeles County found a man sleeping in a car with more than 300 unopened ballots for the Sept. 14 recall election. Sen. Andreas Borgeas, a Republican from Fresno, said he received two ballots for the recall election in the mail — one at his primary residence and another one at his in-laws’ house.

“So if I’m getting two ballots, I know others are getting multiple ballots as well, and that feeds into this narrative of distrust,” Borgeas said.

Sen. Tom Umberg, a Democrat from Santa Ana, noted even if people receive multiple ballots, they can’t vote twice since the ballots are tracked with bar codes. He encouraged anyone who received multiple ballots in the mail to notify their county elections office, adding there were “virtually no reports of fraud” in the 2020 election.

“The only reason that there is distrust by anyone in our voting system is because of the unfounded, false conspiracy theories that are being spread on social media,” said Sen. Scott Wiener, a Democrat from San Francisco. “Expanding the ability to vote, which is what we are doing today, that does not reduce trust.”

Historically, California has had no major fraud issues with mail-in ballots. In the 2020 election, which was the first time all active registered voters in California got a ballot in the mail, data shows nearly 71% of eligible voters cast ballots in California — the highest turnout of eligible voters since 1952, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

That historic turnout was because of a number of factors, including voters being allowed to register to vote on Election Day and a temporary rule change giving county election officers more time to receive ballots in the mail.

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You are TRASH when you pull stunts like this, and weasels caught manipulating the vote should be shot, or hung. Voting has made us great the Democrat scum knows they cannot win on the issues....so they have to cheat. Amazon's Bezo did not allow mail-in voting. When the recall effort was going on Newsom said no mail-in signatures...Nice double standard that the Democrats have....you think. So we need to vote in a few new laws...I will repeat myself...Want to stop illegal immigration...pass a law that states illegals cannot vote, nor can their children, or their grandchildren. This seems like a fair trade off...you are not "hurting anyone" by sneaking into America (most taxpayers would rightfully argue that though), then your voting privileges being revoked will not "hurt you". If said illegal person serves in the military that person and his children ""can"" vote....Easy Peasy.... If a Law like this was enacted......I bet the Dems would build a wall so fast your head would spin. As for mail-in I will repeat myself (again) Seems quite a few people have discovered "if you rig the vote, you will win" There should be "extremely severe" penalties for election fraud (5 years is prison minimum ) anyone who disagrees (like the entire Democrat party) will be revealed as the "devious scum" that they are. 2nd offensive.....shot to the head.

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