Measure LC and Measure AV, the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale’s proposed three-quarter cent sales tax increase appeared headed to victory Tuesday night, according to preliminary election results posted by the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office.

Lancaster’s Measure LC collected 16,526 yes votes, or 56.51%, and 12,719 no votes, or 43.49%. Palmdale’s Measure AV collected 17,551 yes votes, or  61.23%, and 11,114 no votes, or  38.77%,  according to the early returns.

Both measures need a majority of votes to pass.

Los Angeles County’s current sales tax rate is 9.5%. If the measures are successful, the sales tax rate in both cities would increase to 10.25%, the maximum allowable sales tax rate in the state.

Measures LC and AV are so important to the future of both cities and the Antelope Valley that Lancaster and Palmdale worked together and placed them on Tuesday’s ballot.

Lancaster’s Measure LC would raise about $12.8 million annually in local funds to help maintain city and community services. Palmdale’s Measure AV would bring in an estimated $12 million.

All of that money would remain in both cities, untouchable by Los Angeles County and the state. The Antelope Valley receives back only 25 cents on every dollar sent to the county.

Because the county mailed ballots to every registered voter and offered early voting,  Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean C. Logan said a record number of ballots will be part of the initial counts reported after the polls close.

Tuesday’s preliminary election results included all vote-by-mail ballots — including those deposited in drop boxes — received prior to the Saturday before Election Day.

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