David Rudnick

EDITOR’S NOTE: These are part of a series this week on candidates for the 25th Congressional District seat.

Democrat David Rudnick is one of 13 candidates running in the March 3 special primary election for the 25th Congressional District seat.

The seat has been vacant since former Rep. Katie Hill resigned last November. If no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote on March 3 there will be a May 12 runoff election. The victor will serve until January 2021.

Rudnick answered questions about his candidacy via email:

1. Why are you running for Congress?

I’m running for Congress to bring true change to our nation. Everyone knows that America is crumbling with only the rich getting richer as our middle class disintegrates from the burden of heavy taxation, the opioid epidemic, skyrocketing costs of living and stagnant wages. California has a bad habit of producing the worst politicians and I am proud to be running on a unique platform modeled after JFK’s to champion the working man and not corporations. In addition, I’m running as a pro-life Democrat to also bring change to my Party as well especially, given the historical context for why abortion was legalized (please refer to the recently released Nixon tapes).

2. If you are serious about serving in Congress, why did you only file for the special primary election?

The stupid election workers down at the county said that my paperwork was kosher. My campaign manager was out-of-town and I just had an emergency spinal surgery, so I could not tend to the matter. I believed them so here I am just in the special. But I’ll be back. There’s too much work to be done.

3. What experience do you have that you feel qualifies you for the job?

My experience is second to none. I am a business owner who actually employs people, a business developer, real estate investor, Internet entrepreneur, former Marine, and I have spent a lifetime working in politics helping Democrats and righteous Republicans. Some power players call me, “The Mad Scientist of American Politics.” I have secretly contributed a lot to this nation.

4. What are three areas of concern specific to the Antelope Valley?

First and foremost, I want to be able to streamline the building process again here. Various forms of government red tape have led to the artificially created homeless crisis not just in SoCal but in the Antelope Valley now. We are blessed with land here in the AV that’s now almost impossible to build on because of the high costs levied by county bureaucrats. If we cut the red tape, we’ll be able to house people much faster as well as create plenty of jobs that anyone can do. Second, I want to bring real jobs here that anyone can work. Most of the jobs in the AV exclusively revolve around the defense industry often times hiring people who are not from here or even from this country. When elected to Congress, I will lobby to bring every sort of opportunity to the AV, including potential tax offices, national arts endowments, more green energy manufacturing and I will personally see to it that anything associated with the new Space Force branch will be in here in the AV. Last, I want to bring more universities and medical facilities to the AV as well as open an international airport. The AV has so much potential and has all of those unique qualities to be a world class region in the next 20 years if we invest in this area properly.

5. Would you have voted to impeach Trump? Why or why not?

Yes, he is guilty of the all the previous impeachment articles and he legitimately appears to be a Russian asset. All of his foreign policy moves have favored Russia. He outright gave the Russians our military installations in Syria, including an airbase; he’s pushed away the Turks; he is mistreating Ukraine to either jump or roll over; he is soft on Russia’s ally Iran; and he is destroying NATO the crown jewel of the Greatest Generation. Granted, we broke our word to the Russians/Soviets that NATO would never expand eastward, but what’s done is done. All we can do now is try to keep the peace for our children and be strong. Furthermore, Trump’s economy is a farce bloated by the Federal Reserve banking cartel that’s just pumping billions of dollars into the stock market bloating our national debt. The next crash will be far worse than in 2008. Be sure to invest in gold and silver ladies and gentlemen. The dollar is being trashed by another RINO Republican.

6. Why did you receive a misconduct discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps?

I served for over (five) years in a number of different capacities due to recruiting shortfalls. I joined during the Bush administration at a time when no one wanted to join, there were no benefits like they offer today and the casualties were needlessly high. I joined to serve as well as to fight. However, I was moved out of the infantry and into intel where I saw a lot of corruption.

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