ROSAMOND — The Ro­samond Community Ser­vices District is looking at the feasibility of creating a water conservation dem­on­stration garden on a va­cant lot it owns next to the ad­ministrative offices on 35th Street West.

The garden could have multiple benefits for the com­mu­nity, proponent Dir­ect­or Rick Webb said in in­troducing the concept at the Board’s regular meet­ing on March 13.

It would have in­for­ma­tive signs identifying the plants used to provide rel­e­vant information for res­i­dents looking to re­cre­ate something sim­il­ar for their yards and show the possibilities for attractive landscaping that does not require large amounts of water.

“We thought this would be a nice way to give back to the community, to show them what a nice con­ser­vation garden looks like, what actually grows out here,” Director of Ad­min­istration Lizette Guerrero said.

Encouraging ap­pro­pri­ate landscaping will help im­prove the appearance of the community, where many residents simply let their yards wither and die when drought restrictions were put in place, Webb said.

“If we keep things look­ing vibrant and looking nice, people will take care of it,” he said.

In addition to showing residents how to create water-wise landscaping for the desert climate, it could provide spaces for people to sit and relax, perhaps even have some fitness stations.

“We don’t have a place where people can just sit down and take a break,” he said.

The garden could also feature a gathering place to offer local landscaping class­es, which are cur­ren­tly available in Lancaster at Antelope Valley College but not in Rosamond, Guer­rero said.

The project would be fund­ed through spon­sor­ships and donations, she said. This could include fam­ilies who wish to spon­sor a portion in honor of a loved one, for example.

The demonstration gar­den, still in the planning stages, could be a natural fit for another nascent effort by the district, reinstating the nonprofit Rosamond Foundation as part of the district, to provide a means for collecting donations for parks- and recreation-related projects.

The garden could be a means to help bring about community involvement with volunteers for main­tain­ing the garden, as well as its uses, Webb said.

“I hope we can all get excited enough to get out there and share thoughts,” he said.

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