LANCASTER — Retired judge Dana LaMon pulled candidate nomination papers to challenge Republican incumbent state Sen. Scott Wilk for the 21st District seat.

LaMon pulled nomination papers for the March 3 presidential primary election on Tuesday, the first day of eligibility, according to information on the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s website.

Santa Clarita resident Warren Heaton also pulled nomination papers on Tuesday. Wilk pulled nomination papers on Thursday.

Democrats Kipp Mueller of Santa Clarita, and Steve Hill filed signatures in-lieu of filing fee petitions for the 21st Senate seat presidential primary, but have not yet pulled candidate nomination papers, according to the county’s website.

Blind since childhood, LaMon never used that as an excuse not to achieve.

He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Yale University and a juris doctorate from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law.

LaMon served as an administrative law judge for the California Department of Social Services for roughly 29 years. He retired in 2010.

“I was in a position to listen to two sides of a story and come up with a resolution on the issue,” LaMon said. “No. 1, to make sure I had the facts rights, and No. 2, then how do you apply the law to those facts?”

LaMon heard and wrote decisions for approximately 7,500 cases. Fewer than one hundred of his decisions were appealed, and of those few appeals most of the final judgments affirmed his conclusion.

Serving in the state Senate LaMon would get to help shape the law that would be applied.

LaMon grew up in Compton as one of 12 children. He moved to Lancaster in 1987, and each of his four children attended public schools in the Antelope Valley.

Asked about his goals should he be elected to serve the people of the 21st Senate District, which includes the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, and Victor Valley, LaMon cited what he called the six “E’s" — education, environment, economy, equality, efficiency in government, and excellence in society.

“I wrote a book on excellence and principle No. 1 is do better today than yesterday,” LaMon said. “It’s that whole notion that whatever it is we’re doing, we’re always going to try to figure out how to do it better the next day.”

LaMon’s six “E’s” are also a priority list. He has volunteered with Antelope Valley Union High School District since 1991, so education is foremost in his mind. He has mentored students in speech and essay competitions.

“Working with the high school kids now what seems to be foremost in their mind is the environment,” said LaMon, who volunteers at SOAR High School.

LaMon said serving in the state Senate sounds exciting. The daunting component to the equation is the actual running for office.

“From the viewpoint of going out and speaking that’s not daunting because I do it all the time,” LaMon said.

LaMon is a professional motivational speaker. He seeks to inspire each person to make life more meaningful. He won the 1992 World Championship of Public Speaking award from Toastmasters International. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people in 36 states and nine countries, and for 28 years.

Fundraising is a challenge, LaMon acknowledged.

“I think a lot of people are hesitant because of the money involved. But I’m willing to go for it,” LaMon said.

LaMon will focus more on a grassroots-type campaign, with a boots-on-the-ground combined with his speaking ability.

“My goal is to be out there speaking as often as possible and having volunteers knocking on doors,” LaMon said.

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