Happy Hours Bar & Grill

This site on Lancaster Boulevard will become the second location in the Antelope Valley for the Happy Hours Bar & Grill. The restaurant’s application for a Type 47 Alcoholic Beverage Control license has been approved by the Planning Commission.

LANCASTER — Happy Hours Bar & Grill will add a second location in the Antelope Valley, this time on Lancaster Boulevard, after the city’s Planning Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit for a Type 47 Alcoholic Beverage Control license that allows restaurants to sell beer, wine and distilled spirits for consumption on premises.

Happy Hours Bar & Grill also has a restaurant on 50th Street West and Avenue L-13 in Quartz Hill.

The restaurant will be at 741 West Lancaster Blvd. The hours of operation are from 11 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

Commission Vice Chairperson Sandy Smith asked whether any other businesses on the boulevard were open until 2 a.m.

Senior Planner Jocelyn Swain said Lucky Luke Brewing Co.’s Lancaster Brewpub has the same hours of operation, as did the former Pour d’ Vino Wine Bar and Bistro, whose space Happy Hours Bar & Grill took over.

Chairman James Vose said he too had concerns about the 2 a.m. hours of operation.

“I’m pleased that a successful business venture is expanding into our downtown area,” Vose said. He asked about the Planning Commission’s options in the future in regard to the late hours of operation.

Assistant City Attorney Jocelyn Corbett said the conditions of approval include an option for the Planning Commission to recall a matter for continued discussion in the future.

“We can modify a CUP; we can revoke a CUP should that end up being appropriate,” Corbett said, adding that such an action would require an investigation and a report presented to the Planning Commission.

A representative for applicant Nicholas Jones said the Planning Commission’s meeting, which was conducted telephonically Monday evening, that they have had success at a previous location doing business until 2 a.m.

“In addition too, we will have security present during those late hours post-1700 daily, for your consideration,” he said.

Vose clarified that the Conditional Use Permit requires the restaurant to have full kitchen service during the hours of operation.

The Planning Commission approved the Conditional Ise Permit 5-0, with commissioners Rutger Parris and Daniel Tufts absent.

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