Anaverde map

Changes to the remaining build-out of the Anaverde community in southwest Palmdale, approved by the Planning Commission, will reduce the number of houses and focus on active senior living. The area affected is to the left in the map (above) and labeled “TTM 61894.”

PALMDALE — A redesign of the remaining build-out of the Anaverde development, with fewer houses and other features and a focus on senior living, was approved by the Planning Commission, Thursday.

The Commission approved changes to the specific plan, which guides development of that area, situated north of Avenue S and west of the current Anaverde development.

The changes include reducing the number of dwelling units, reducing the square footage for future commercial development, eliminating a planned golf course, reducing park space, allowing for what is known as an “active adult community,” and other conditions that had been granted under the plan.

The changes also increase the amount of open space, largely by converting the area originally planned for a golf course.

“We think it’s a far superior product. It matches where the market is today,” said Rich Nolan, representing the Anaverde developer.

The changes reduce the overall number of dwelling units from 5,200 to  3,945. Of those, 1,627 are already built, according to the staff report.

Of the remaining 1,868, the plan calls for 1,320 to be restricted to senior living. This senior/active living community will have single-family detached and single-family attached homes, like condos or townhouses, and multifamily housing.

The senior housing will be differentiated by being largely one-story homes, Nolan said. Those that are two-story homes will have downstairs master bedrooms.

They will also feature low-maintenance landscaping, and most will feature home offices or rooms that may be easily to converted to offices.

“People don’t retire like they used to,” he said.

The traditional family homes that will fill out the remaining development will be mostly two-story, he said.

The expanded open space will feature trails with benches and similar amenities and will be open to the public, not just residents, Nolan said.

While the park acreage has been reduced, the parks planned are “active parks,” that may be used for soccer and other youth sports, he said.

The revised plan next will go before the City Council for approval.

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