SACRAMENTO — California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday he wants state regulators to decide whether to impose the nation’s first penalty on oil companies for price gouging, pivoting after months of negotiations with legislative leaders failed to reach an agreement on a bill aimed at reining in the state’s notoriously high gas prices.

Gas prices in California are always more expensive than the rest of the country because the state has higher taxes and fees than other states and requires a special blend of gasoline that is better for the environment but more expensive to make.

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Jimzan 3

Gov. Gavin Newsom is a Clueless POS. I think he jiggled the election and thats why he won....He wants to buy votes (reparations) because he is a POS, and has done very little to help California. Newsom forced everyone to wear a Mask, and the Dirtbag (along with many other Democrat Dirtbags) forced people to be vaccinated...with a vaccine that was not thoroughly tested (think future Heart conditions). The Democrats and their Cronies while Questing Power and Encouraging a Soaring RX Stock Profit Portfolio have hurt America's Children...Instilled Fear in our Children...and could care less who they have Hurt or Killed. Newsom the Weasel started cleaning up the Freeway Off Ramps only after a recall was passed to be voted on....and the POS was worried about being recalled. Newsom the Dirtbag was getting ready to initiate rolling Black outs again (Think POS (D) Gray Davis's successful recall) but his recalled put that Scam on Hold. He did pull his head out and kept the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant opened, and told the "Nut Job" Greenies to "Go Pound Salt". Lets be Green but not complete Idiots as the Clueless 2% Nut Jobs are...AOC the poster child for being a Woke Idiot said the earth only has 12 years left...that was 4 years ago....The Weasels at the Associated Press said the ice caps would melt in the 1970s and flood the coastlines of the planet by the lol That was B.S. anyone want to bet 8 years from now we will be just fine....Only a clueless moron would believe the Trash these Grifters spew...or someone that gets free money or more money with these POS in Office.

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