Calfornia Recall


LOS ANGELES — The critical question left in the California recall election that could remove Gov. Gavin Newsom isn’t whether someone likes the first-term Democrat — it’s who is going to take the time to vote.

At this point, it’s all about turnout.

Mail-in ballots went to all 22 million registered voters, in mid-August, for the unusual, late-summer election. More than 5 million have been returned so far and while it’s not known how they voted, information is available on their political affiliation, age and ethnicity.

The data show Democrats are off to an encouraging start, turning in more than twice the number submitted by Republicans, a rate that largely mirrors the party’s registration edge in the state. More than a third of those who have voted are 65 or older.

But with less than two weeks left before the Sept. 14 election, many unknowns remain.

Some of the state’s most inconsistent voters — younger people and Latinos who both lean Democratic — aren’t showing up in expected numbers. Will that change? And will many Republicans wait to vote in person rather than send in mailed ballots? That’s what happened in 2020 and it helped the GOP re-capture several US House seats in the heavily Democratic state.

Because of the oddly timed election — scheduled at the tail end of summer amid a pandemic — it’s difficult to be confident about who will vote. “The exact number is really anybody’s guess,” said Mindy Romero, director of the University of Southern California’s Center for Inclusive Democracy. She called a recall election “its own unique animal.”

Driving voter turnout is a crucial factor but it’s not a precise science. Newsom and his Republican rivals, including conservative talk radio host Larry Elder and former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, are competing with a host of distractions as they seek to win over votes, from back-to-school preparations to massive wildfires burning in Northern California.

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""many Republicans will wait to vote in person rather than send in mailed ballots"" Spot On !! I do not trust my postal carrier, who supports the Democrats. Governor Newsom is a failure on so many levels...he has destroyed so so many small businesses. The explosion of the homeless population is pathetic. Newsom is responsible for all the raging forest fires going on "right now" because of his mismanagement of our forests. I have no doubt we would be seeing a lot more rolling blackouts if the recall wasn't going on. Time to do a change up because Newsom is a failure..... Let's give Elder a try...unless you enjoy the human fecal matter on our sidewalks (thanks to Newsom).


""""many Republicans wait to vote in person"""" That's right, I don't trust my postal carrier, who is a union member, and no doubt supports the parasitical left wing Democrats. Newsom attempts to destroy California are over....Newsom is the cause of so many small businesses going out of business, our raging wildfires, the explosion of the """ homeless population""" increases..etc etc etc etc. If the recall was not going on, what do you want to bet we would be having a ton of blackouts and all kinds of other issues. Let's remove the idiot, and his policies. Lets give Larry Elder a chance....I think we will enjoy Elder's policies. Some loyal Democrats may enjoy human fecal matter on our sidewalks...I don't.

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