Dean Henderson


PALMDALE — A real estate broker with prior experience as a Commissioner a decade ago will join the Palmdale Planning Commission.

The City Council on Tuesday approved the appointment of Dean Henderson to fill the seat representing District 2 vacated by the resignation of Commissioner Deana Ward.

Councilman Richard Loa, who represents District 2, nominated Henderson for the term that will expire on June 30.

“Aside from the fact that Dean has served on the Planning Commission before, he has always brought this ethic for aesthetics for the city. He wants to make this a more beautiful place to live in,” Loa said. “I think he will give great service to the Planning Commission and to the city of Palmdale.”

Henderson is a real estate broker and president of Financial Independence Mortgage in Palmdale. He previously served on the Commission from 2000 to 2004, and again from 2007 to 2009.

Councilman Juan Carrillo recalled presenting to Henderson on the Commission as a city planning staff member.

“He will do a great job,” Carrillo said. “He brings good points of discussion to items that are presented for approval, and I think it’s a good fit.”

Mayor Pro Tem Austin Bishop concurred that Henderson would be a good addition to the Commission, given his background and knowledge of the Valley and the city’s zoning.

“It seems like a natural fit,” Bishop said.

Earlier this year, Henderson was selected as one of 13 members of the city’s General Plan Advisory Committee, tasked with bringing the public’s perspective to the process of updating the city’s General Plan, the document that provides the framework for development in the city.

“He has well-served our Planning Commission in the past,” Mayor Steve Hofbauer said.

In his application for the Commission, Henderson said his “vision for Palmdale includes tree-lined streets with ample landscaped parkways which start at the curb, have meandering sidewalks and generous lushly landscaped setbacks. The roads would include wide green landscaped center medians with enormous trees like McBean Parkway in Valencia. We would have California Pizza Kitchen and Whole Foods Market. We would have pedestrian-friendly mixed-use developments which would allow residents to be less dependent on having to drive everywhere.”

Each council member may nominate a Planning Commissioner from their district, and the mayor nominates a member from the community at large. The nominations must be approved by the full Council.

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