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PALMDALE — The City Council on May 5 cleared the way for a housing development on Rancho Vista Boulevard (Avenue P) that will feature apartments, triplexes and single-family homes.

The Council unanimously approved a General Plan amendment and zoning change for the vacant 33-acre property on the northeast corner of Rancho Vista Boulevard and 20th Street West, changing it from single-family to multi-family residential.

The proposed development will feature a 320-unit apartment complex along Rancho Vista Boulevard, a 60-unit triplex development in the northeast corner of the property and 48 detached single-family homes on the northwest corner.

The development will feature market-rate apartments with amenities such as pool, clubhouse, fitness center, basketball court and putting green.

Residents of the triplexes and single-family homes would also have access to the amenities, but they would not be open to the general public. The apartment complex would be gated.

The apartments would be built first, followed by the triplexes and then the single-family homes.

The Planning Commission on April 9 approved the site plan for the project and recommended the City Council approve the zoning and General Plan amendment to accommodate it.

“I am really looking forward to this being built because of the different variety of housing,” Councilmember Juan Carrillo said.

As the meeting was not open to the public to attend in person, due to safety concerns during the COVID-19 emergency, public comment was collected prior to the meeting via the city’s Web site. Of the nearly two dozen comments, nearly all were in support of the project. Those opposed lived in the area and were concerned about the higher density housing causing the neighborhood to lose its rural atmosphere.

One commenter said that as an aerospace employee, they looked here for this type of housing last year, but not finding it were forced to live in Santa Clarita instead.

City officials have said local employers, particularly in the aerospace industry, need housing of this type to attract and retain employees.

Councilmember Laura Bettencourt told project developer Greg Arnold that the waiting list for the housing “will be a mile long” once word gets out.

“People are going to want to get in there so quickly because we’re so desperate for housing,” she said.

Arnold said it is not yet clear what impact the COVID-19 emergency and the associated economic crisis may have on the project.

“We’re seeing that most of our equity partners are very robust and ready to move forward,” he said.

Arnold said he hoped to be able to apply for permits in the next 60 days, and breaking ground later this year.

As of now, the developer said the apartments would rent for between $1,000 and $1,800 per month, the triplexes would be priced in the $199,000 to $299,000 range and the single-family homes in the $299,000 to $399,000 range.

“We feel that is a really comfortable range for the area. We can deliver a really solid product for that price point,” Arnold said.

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I see now that this is for RVB and 20th and not 15th. I can’t delete my original comment.

Either way this is news to me, this area will be congested for sure.


No mention of a Sprouts now. Is that no longer being built?


"Rancho Vista development near?" NOTICE the question mark. There is always talk about some major development, and quite a few times it never happens. Could be wishful thinking of some landowners, hoping to cash in on a pipe dream.

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