A little over a week since Election Day, the race for Califonia’s 25th Congressional District continues to be a tightly contested one.

Incumbent Republican Congressman Mike Garcia is holding a razor-thin lead of 104 votes over challenger Democratic Assemblywoman Christy Smith as of Saturday afternoon.

In a recent interview with KCLU, Garcia said the race has become “as dramatic as possible.”

“I’m hoping we can call this race sooner rather than later,” he said. “I’m confident that the folks of the 25th District will select me again.”

As ballots continue to be counted and counties update their election results, Garcia and Smith have seen a constant back and forth in the lead.

Smith thanked her supporters Tuesday morning on Twitter for their kindness and patience throughout this election process.

“My team and I appreciate you! We will continue to honor the process as officials do their important work,” she tweeted.

So far, Garcia is ahead with 166,617 votes to Smith’s 166,513 votes, splitting the vote percentage to 50.0% for each candidate, according to the California Secretary of State’s website as of press time.

The 25th District includes parts of Lancaster, Palmdale and Simi Valley in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Garcia has the edge in Ventura County with 36,277 votes, or 54.20% of the vote to Smith’s 30,656 votes, or 45.80%.  However, Smith holds the advantage in LA County with 135,857 votes, or 51.04%, to Garcia’s 130,340 votes, or 48.96%.

The two candidates have squared off multiple times this past year to fill the vacated seat by former Rep. Katie Hill. Hill resigned from Congress last November due to a scandal involving her relationship with a campaign staffer.

During the presidential primary election, Garcia and Smith were the top two in votes, with Smith in the top spot, for the special election to fill Hill’s seat. Garcia surpassed former Representative Steve Knight to face off with Christy Smith in a runoff, which he won in May.

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