PALMDALE — The Palmdale Water District invited students at Golden Poppy Elementary School to “Imagine a Day Without Water” by distributing reusable stainless steel water bottles to students, along with water-related stickers to decorate them.

The bottles were distributed to students in teacher Janet Morris’ fifth-grade class as part of the District’s annual campaign to encourage an awareness of water use and conservation.

The students personalized their bottles with stickers, including a smiling water drop, a map of California, the PWD’s water drop-shaped logo and water-saving messages.

“They all now have good reusable bottles that they can fill with tap water and use throughout their school day,” said PWD Water-Use Efficiency Specialist Robert Rosati, who worked with the teacher on the project.

Along with decorating their new bottles, the fifth-graders shared their thoughts on what a world without water would be like.

“Water is our most important resource,” Jazzlyn Jimenez said. “Water helps us stop germs from spreading when we wash our hands and allows us to stay clean and healthy.”

“We will always need water,” classmate Abraham Aguilar said. “It helps us clean ourselves and our food. We need it to drink. We need it to live our best lives.”

This year is the seventh year that Palmdale Water District has recognized “Imagine a Day Without Water” as an effort to raise awareness and educate the community about water issues, where it comes from and where it goes.

The District is one of more than 1,300 participants, including other water utilities, civic leaders, educators and businesses taking part in this year’s campaign.

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Jimzan 2.0

“Imagine a Day Without Water” then imagine a "life without money" I had a friend "Barry F" that worked for PWD (died 21 days before retirement). As the water was flowing one day, his boss made the statement.. "Gold of the Future".

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