LOS ANGELES — Homicide investigators searching for a Southern California woman believed to have been abducted by a boyfriend are trying to find out what happened during a five-hour gap in a timeline of his movements after she was seen being placed into his car, a detective said Thursday.

Investigators also confirmed that suspect Robert Camou, 27, is the person seen in a barroom video rapping about killing and burying a woman the night after Amanda Custer disappeared, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Scott Hoglund told a news conference.

Camou has not been charged in the disappearance but is jailed on prior allegations of domestic violence involving Custer, Hoglund said.

Camou, arrested July 30, appeared in court the next day but proceedings were postponed when he said he wanted to represent himself.

Custer was last seen the morning of July 29 outside Camou’s home in suburban Monrovia, east of Los Angeles, following some type of altercation between Custer and Camou, Hoglund said.

“Like I reported earlier, there was some evidence of an assault in the bedroom of Mr. Camou. There was blood recovered from the bedroom as well as there was evidence and witnesses that stated Mr. Camou placed the victim Amanda Custer’s lifeless body in the back storage cargo area of a 2017 gray Prius,” Hoglund said.

Police tracked Camou in several cities before he reached Lytle Creek and turned south. There is a five-hour gap from there to when he was next seen in the midafternoon at an ATM in the foothill city of Azusa, Hoglund said.

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