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I’m so confused. The New York Times — the paper of record — and the Washington Post and NBC News all told me that all was calm in Portland once the federal law enforcement officers left a week ago.

Then I went to the websites of Portland television stations, and you know what? Portland does not look calm to me.

Fox 12 in Portland includes a video of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s public statement, delivered Thursday.

I like that — you can watch it for yourself and see what parts you think are newsworthy.

While national media continue to play down the violence of “peaceful protests,” the rest of us — who possess the ability to think — know that the sincere people who genuinely wish to protest police brutality and racism have long since been drowned out by brutal, mostly white, anarchist thugs who couldn’t care less about Black lives.

What the mayor said is incredible, and I encourage you to watch for yourself. Just search for Fox 12 Portland and “Wheeler, arson, murder.”

This mayor, you recall, is a far-left guy himself, getting right in there with the protesters a couple of weeks ago and getting tear-gassed by the feds. He’s changing his tune about the nobility of these street thugs:

“… Last night 200-300 people went to East Precinct (police station) intent on violence. The purpose was to attack the East Precinct and the people therein. When I say violence, I am not talking about vandalism. I mean specifically the intent to commit violence against people.

 “Exits were blocked. They were barricaded shut with cars and with two-by-fours. Security cameras were disabled, and accelerants were used to set and grow fires.

“The attack was immediate, it was intentional and it was planned. It was intended to cause serious injury or death, and it very well could have.”

Wheeler explained this was why police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. He then continued:

“When you commit arson with an accelerant in an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people that you have intentionally trapped inside, you are not demonstrating. You are attempting to commit murder.

“This is not the first time that people have tried to set fire to a city building with people intentionally trapped inside. Unfortunately, it’s not even the second time.”

He went on to say the building is in a residential area, meaning the fire could have spread. He said he believed that “city staff” could have died. And he went on to say the footage could be used to re-elect President Donald Trump.

Now wait a minute. This is at least the THIRD time that these thugs have trapped people in a building and tried to burn it down?

Have you heard about this? I haven’t.

How does it not lead the news in every outlet in the nation that rioters used cars and two-by-fours to block the exits and accelerants to try to kill the police officers inside?

The blatant dishonesty of the national press is on full display when you listen to the mayor describe what actually happened.

I went over to the site of station KGW8, where I saw footage of a 70-year-old woman with a BLM sign who tried to deter the violence and got covered with paint.

They also aired an interview with the mayor’s challenger. She was asked to comment on the mayor’s remarks and refused to denounce the rioters for trying to burn down a precinct with police inside. Seriously.

She said they have a reason to be upset with the police.

God help us.

William P. Warford’s column appears every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

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