Palmdale housing

The Palmdale City Council agreed to further exploratory discussions regarding a potential agreement in which Santa Monica would transfer a portion of its state-required housing development to Palmdale.

PALMDALE — The City of Santa Monica has approached Palmdale about using land to build housing to help meet Santa Monica’s state-required new housing development goals.

“They are land-poor and we are land-rich,” City Manager Ronda Perez said when she informed the City Council on Wednesday of the yet-undefined proposal.

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Jimzan 3

The City of Santa Monica is looking to dump their Drug Addicted Homeless in A.V. Read between the lines...and any POS from A.V. that supports that issues..has been bribed or will reap the benefits (skimming) by being L.A.s Toilet. .....Also....I would run a bus constantly back and forth from Palmdale to Venice Beach...and I would tell the homeless,.. while they are eating their "complementary" Big Mac's... that "No one has ever froze at Venice Beach"...but Palmdale's weather could Kill You..... Maybe it's time to "Peacefully Protest" outside of the Mayor's House.... for a few years.


Your …. Are very concerning.

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