J.J. Murphy

J.J. Murphy

PALMDALE — City Manager J.J. Murphy got some job security Tuesday night when the City Council unanimously agreed in open session to extend the term of Murphy’s contract following a closed session performance evaluation.

The City Council appointed Murphy city manager in December 2019. He previously served as assistant city manager. He joined the city in April 2018.

The contract extension was included in the second amendment to Murphy’s contract approved Tuesday night. The amendment  extends the term of Murphy’s contract one year from Dec. 31, 2023, to Dec. 31, 2024. The second term of his contract was also extended from Dec. 31, 2027, to Dec. 31, 2028.

A proposed provision to require a supermajority to terminate Murphy’s employment was removed from the amendment to be brought back another day, City attorney Christopher Beck said.

The amendment includes an increase in family health care reimbursement  from $1,500 with no rollover to $3,500 with allowed rollover if not used. In addition, the amendment will modify the current severance package formula from 12 months in addition to one month for every year of service to a maximum of 18 months to 18-month severance regardless of years of service.

Murphy will also receive a one-time performance pay provision of $15,250 and 80 hours of administrative leave for fiscal year 2021.

Murphy’s first year as city manager included managing the city amid an ongoing pandemic. Murphy delayed his first merit increase last June due to the ongoing pandemic and its financial impact to the local economy.

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