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This is a classroom in the Palmdale School District’s newly purchased campus. The kindergarten through 12th grade dependent charter school will have a projected first-year enrollment of 300 ninth-grade students.

PALMDALE — Palmdale School District will open a transitional kindergarten through 12th grade dependent charter school this fall with a projected first-year enrollment of 300 ninth-grade students and subsequent grade levels opening yearly.

The charter school is projected to have 600 students in ninth and 10th grades in its second year; 800 students in ninth through 11th grades in its third year; 1,000 students in ninth through 12th grades in this fourth year, and 1,200 students in sixth through 12 th grade in its fifth year.

The Academy is projected to have the complete transitional kindergarten through 12th grade program by its eighth year.

“This school will be an active tangible representation of the Palmdale PROMISE and will embody PROMISE’s vision, values, principles, and strategic goals,” the petition said.

Palmdale’s Board of Education approved the proposed charter petition 3-2 Tuesday with Board Clerk Simone Zulu Diol and trustee Sharon Vega dissenting.

The Palmdale Academy, at 3838 East Ave. R, will offer a challenging and unique program for students who are interested in continuing key programs  such as Dual Immersion, International Baccalaureate and Performing Arts that have been offered to Palmdale School District students. The Academy will also offer Career and Technical Education classes.

The charter school’s Dual Immersion program will be different from how it is currently offered at the District’s K-8 Dual Immersion schools. The program is expected to meet the needs of students who have been in a dual immersion program through their elementary and middle school years, as well as incoming freshmen who have never taken a foreign language.

The Academy’s International Baccalaureate program could expand on the Primary Years and Middle Years programs at the Palmdale Learning Plaza. The program could potentially lead to the Diploma or Career pathway beginning in the 11th grade.

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