PALMDALE —  The Palmdale School District governing Board will hold a special meeting and community town hall today at Summerwind Elementary School to get an update on the investigation into a photo of four of the school’s first-grade teachers who were pictured smiling and pointing at a noose.

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. in Summerwind’s multipurpose room, at 39360 Summerwind Drive.

Superintendent Raul Maldonado will give the Board a report, followed by the District’s legal counsel, who will discuss the investigation process. The special meeting will also include a presentation by the District’s African American Parent Advisory Council to talk about some of the programs and training implemented in the District since Maldonado started about five years ago.

“They’ll talk about the work that has been done at the school sites with our parent advisory councils, African American advisory councils,” Maldonado said Monday.

Most school sites have a parent advisory council. The African American Parent Advisory Council also hosts monthly Unity in the Community meetings that feature guest speakers and address important issues about student achievement.

“Our Palmdale Promise to our students and community is to ensure equity for all our students, schools, and communities as reflected in outcomes and opportunities,” Maldonado said in a statement.

The Palmdale Promise facilitates and supports every student’s achievement by building on their strengths, cultures, languages,and experiences to create new successes. It also highlights multilingualism and multiculturalism as individual,  community, national,and global assets in the 21st century; and integrity and community based on trust and the common purpose that empower individuals and communities.

“As the Superintendent of Palmdale School District, I am committed to the Palmdale Promise’s values of equity, integrity,” Maldonado said, “and multiculturalism, and I know that most of the District believes in the same values the Promise upholds.

“We will not allow the hurtful actions of a few hold back our District’s pledge to do right by our community. We will continue to provide fair, equitable, and quality education to our students.”

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