The first ballot counting update since the Nov. 6 election from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, issued Friday afternoon, did not appreciatively change the outcomes of any of the local Antelope Val­ley races, although it did increase the distance between candidates in some races.

The one race where the update appears to have made a difference is for Wil­sona School District’s Meas­ure WE, a $6.5 million bond measure that would help with safety im­provements at the district office and schools. In the pre­liminary results on Wed­nesday, the meas­ure was just short of the 66.66% approval required to pass, with 813 “yes” votes, or 66.37%, and 412 “no” votes, or 33.63%.

With Friday’s update, the measure crossed the required threshold, with 866 “yes” votes, or 67.03%, and 426 “no” votes, or 32.97%. These results are not final and may change as additional ballots are counted.

The update included 123,033 ballots processed since election night, con­sisting of mail-in ballots, ac­cording to election of­ficials.

This brings the total count for the general election to 2,098,858 bal­lots, which is 40.36% of eligible county voters.

Election officials estim­ate 934,000 outstan­ding ballots are left to be coun­ted, the majority of which are mail-in ballots at 537,000. Provisional bal­lots make up 385,000 of the total left to be counted, and damaged or withheld ballots and conditional voter registrations make up the remaining 12,000.

This estimate includes those mail-in ballots post­marked by Nov. 6 and received through Friday.

Los Angeles County officials will provide the next update on Tuesday.

Kern County election officials will provide the first update of election results on Monday.

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