Congress McCarthy

Incoming House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield receives the gavel, early Saturday, from House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York on the House floor at the US Capitol in Washington.

WASHINGTON — Electing the House speaker may have been the easy part. Now House Republicans will try to govern.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy passed his first test, late Monday, as the Republicans approved their rules package for governing House operations, typically a routine step on Day One that stretched into the second week of the new majority. It was approved 220-213, a party-line vote with one Republican opposed.

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Pelosi is Human Waste (IMHO) and when she joins POS Harry Reid in his "Eternal Dirt Nap" the Steaks are on me "(Outback*)" What happened with 15 votes shows the Republicans have different views and are not a bunch of "Trained Lemmings" like those in the Democrat Party (who are probably being blackmailed). Enjoy the misery Biden (the Pedophile) has created...come Jan 31st Power will raise the rate (again) will hurt to lowest income the most. Also 50/50 in the Senate (now 51/49) is not a Landslide like some news media Weasels would like you to believe. Let's play Hardball Politics...and Crush the DNC Pedo's and Parasites. * = while supplies last

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